Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating systems circulate heated water throughout your property via a network of pipes. Unlike more traditional heating systems, such as radiators, or even Electric Underfloor Heating (which requires a Heat Mat), our Water Underfloor Heating systems are completely hidden, and will therefore not impact the look of your property. They also work at far lower temperatures, making them the perfect choice for installing in conjunction with renewable heating systems, such as Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps or biomass boilers. Additional benefits of Underfloor Heating include:

  • Safety and wellbeing

Underfloor heating removes the need for radiators and run on much lower flow temperatures, meaning that there is no risk of burning to small children or vulnerable individuals. Furthermore, the safety element is reinforced by the fact that underfloor heating produces considerably less dust than conventional radiators. Not only is this great for cutting down cleaning time, it’s also beneficial to those who suffer from asthma, allergies or respiratory problems.

  • More freedom

Another key benefit to underfloor heating is the extra freedom it allows. Placements for conventional heating systems have to be considered when placing furniture and homeware items, and often the perfect envisioned layout is disrupted by a stubborn corner radiator. With underfloor heating, however, you can place and replace your furniture items at any time, allowing you to take control of your room design without such constraints.

  • Flexible controls

Efficiency and ease – what could be better? With underfloor heating, you have complete control over how your rooms are heated and when. Rather than turning on conventional radiators and having a family fight over the central heating thermostat, underfloor heating systems boast state of the art controls which allow you to alter the heat of each room individually. Not only is this great for keeping all of the family happy, it’s also perfect for managing your carbon footprint. The dining room backing on to the garden may well need more heat to stay warm, whereas the upstairs snug can be kept at a minimum. By enabling you to tailor the temperature to your individual needs, you’ll prevent yourself from wasting both energy and money.

  • Little to no maintenance

While we can’t guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong with your underfloor heating system, we can say that it’s extremely unlikely as that there are no moving parts. When installing your system, AES will ensure that everything is in order before the project is finished, meaning that you can rest easy in the knowledge you have a certified safe system. The key benefit here is that you won’t be calling out an expensive emergency plumber in the middle of winter because your radiators have packed up – instead, you’ll be warming your feet on a warm AES heated floor.

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