Which Sprinkler System Is Right for You?

Thinking about installing fire sprinklers in your home, but unsure of which sprinkler system to choose? There are various types of sprinkler systems, and despite ultimately working to the same end, each has a slightly different function. By working with you or your architect, we are able to determine the right solution for you, while taking life safety, building preservation and current regulations into consideration. Read on to discover which fire sprinkler is best suited to your personal needs and requirements with our handy list of pros and cons.


Wet Pipe Fire Sprinklers


Water is constantly running through the pipes above these sprinklers’ heads, so the system is quick to react when needed. It has the least number of components, so is the least likely to malfunction, and is, therefore, perfect for locations where maintenance may not be performed as often as ideally desired. The system’s simplicity also means that maintenance costs are kept low, making it great for those on a budget.



Additional insulation or heat tracing may be needed if the system is installed in a location where freezing is a possibility.


Dry Pipe Fire Sprinklers



Water is held back by a control valve, and pipes are instead filled with pressurised air, which drops when the sprinkler head opens and water is released onto the fire. This makes the system perfect for buildings where freezing is a possibility.



These are more complex than Wet Pipe fire sprinklers, and so require additional maintenance in order to ensure reliability. This also means there are higher installation and maintenance costs. Strict requirements regarding the specifications of Dry Pipe systems mean that there is less flexibility in terms of tailoring the design. Due to the fact that pressurised air inhabits the pipes instead of the water itself, fire response time is delayed by up to 60 seconds, meaning there is a greater risk of content damage. Pipes must also be completely drained and dried after use to avoid pipe corrosion and early system failure.


Alternate Fire Sprinklers


A combination of the Wet Pipe and Dry Pipe fire sprinkler systems, the Alternate system, allows the user to keep the pipes filled with water for the summer, and have the opportunity to be drained and filled with air for winter. Again, this is great for environments where freezing is a possibility, yet the complex nature of the system will inevitably lead to greater installation and maintenance costs.


Need more information in order to decide which fire sprinkler system is best for you? Give us a call on 01473 320 350 or send us an email at, and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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