The Many Benefits of a Biomass Boiler

The Many Benefits of a Biomass Boiler

Is a Biomass Boiler Suitable in my Home?

A biomass boiler can be used for commercial and/or domestic use, as well as for district heating applications. For domestic heating purposes, a biomass boiler can be very appealing with the positives aspects greatly outweighing the negatives. The main domestic biomass fuel is wood in the form of logs, or wood pellets and chips, all just as effective and readily available to buy at nearly every large supermarket around the United Kingdom. However, this is not the only option available to you, a biomass boiler also runs just as efficiently on a wide rage of fuels such as animal, food and industrial waste as well as some high-energy crops produced by farms all over the world, such as maize.

The preferred form of biomass boiler is the wood burning stove, which is an incredibly popular choice among homeowners in the UK, as they are able to heat an entire house if there are chimneys installed. They also come in all shapes and sizes, adaptable to each individual’s atheistic wants and needs. Many industry professionals have said that stoves which burn wood pellets are also much easier to clean and maintain. This is because they produce much less ash than coal burning stoves and open fires. Additionally, this means that the chimneys throughout the house will need to be relined less often.


For Industrial Use

Energy intensive equipment, which is essential for industrial use, used up a vast amount of power, which makes installing a biomass heating system a favourable option among many business owners, because it is not only effective at reducing fuel costs, but it also greatly improves your companies carbon footprint. This also of course reduces supply chain requirements in the United Kingdom, and stimulates growth through a major reduction in overheads.

Biomass heating is particularly beneficial where process heat is required, for example in breweries, distilleries and food processing. A commercial biomass boiler provides a guaranteed return on investment and has also been supported and encouraged by the UK Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, which was introduced in April 2014. Additionally, you are able to claim under you annual investment allowance. These are just some examples of how beneficial a biomass boiler can be in your home or workplace.
Benefits of a biomass boiler for industrial and domestic use include:

  • Greatly reduced fuel costs.
  • Protection from gas and oil price increases.
  • Carbon neutral fuel.
  • Reduces your property or businesses carbon footprint.
  • Investment opportunity, which is guaranteed to provide a return in profit.
  • The installation of a biomass boiler in the workplace has proven to be an extremely useful educational tool, and can lead to great public relations as well as the introduction of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes that are available throughout the UK.


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