Increase Productivity In The Workplace By Updating Your Facilities

Increase Productivity In The Workplace By Updating Your Facilities

We all know just how important heath and safety is in the workplace, but have you ever thought about what your facilities say about your business and the way you treat your staff? Researchers have found that by creating a working environment that is visually pleasing and comfortable for staff you can drastically increase productivity. This is great news for both staff and employers.

Office buildings with poor air quality dim lighting and terrible facilities experience more staff sick days and general absences from work each year. To prevent this from happening to you and your staff consider making a few of these changes to your workspace:

  • Install more windows and increase natural lighting – Many people with 9-5 office gigs often leave for work in the dark and return home in the dark. Adding a little natural lighting improves mental health and the general well-being of your staff – and a happy healthy staff force is going to improve productivity in the workplace.
  • Inject more fun into your space  – This is easily done through incorporating brighter wall colours, wall murals, bean bags, and sofas.
  • Plants and greenery – Bringing the outside in is a great way to improve air quality and add some depth to an otherwise generic office building.
  • A place to drink, eat and be merry – Your employees need a place that they can spend their downtime, network and spend time with colleagues. You can do this by installing a kitchen, providing seating areas and making sure your facilities can accommodate your employee’s needs.
  • Temperature – if your office building is stiflingly hot or painfully cold your staff are going to find it very difficult to produce high-quality work while enduring these kinds of condition. Consider installing underfloor heating, this system doesn’t take up any of your valuable office space, works as a method of heating large areas in the colder months but then can be reversed and used as a cooling system in summer!
  • Consider installing or updating your bathroom facilities – It is essential to ensure your bathroom facilities are clean at all times, accessible and disability friendly.
  • Better ventilation – Poor ventilation is dangerous and means your staff could be risking their health – follow the appropriate ventilation guidelines to avoid this issue and safeguard your workers.

If your office building needs a spring sprucing contact our team today by calling us on 01473 320350 or emailing to book your FREE quotation today!


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