BEAM Central Vacuum Systems

As its power unit (the part of the vacuum cleaner that makes the most noise and takes up the most space) is neatly stowed far out of the way of the living area (typically within the utility room or garage), the BEAM Central Vacuum System is quieter and more convenient than traditional models. All that’s needed when it comes time to clean the house is to plug the nine-metre, light-weight, crush-proof central vacuum cleaner hose into the wall inlet (as pictured) and you’re free to clean to your heart’s content. With no need to lug around a heavy power unit or empty a bag when you’re done, the BEAM Central Vacuum System is guaranteed to save you both time and hassle.

What really sets Central Vacuum Cleaners apart from upright vacuum cleaners, however, is their incredible suction power. Boasting up to five times more power than conventional vacuum cleaners, the BEAM Central Vacuum System is able to remove dust entirely, instead of just recirculating it, making for both a cleaner and a healthier home environment. As a BEAM vacuum removes 100% of contacted dirt, dust mites, pollen, dander and other allergens, it’s the perfect choice for allergy and asthma-sufferers and pet owners. In fact, research has proven that the BEAM Central Vacuum System provides a 61% relief for allergy-related symptoms. As its power unit is stowed neatly away from the living area, it is also far quieter than traditional, upright vacuum cleaners, and – perhaps its most appealing feature – it is known to remain in good working order for upwards of 35 years.

So to summarise, the BEAM Central Vacuum System is:

  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Durable
  • Space-saving
  • Easy to use
  • Good news for allergy-sufferers

We supply BEAM Central Vacuum Systems to both residential and commercial properties, in addition to MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems, which provide fresh, filtered air all year round, in addition to some much-needed warmth during the colder months. For anyone looking to buy vacuum cleaners, but aren’t aware of the many benefits of a central vacuum cleaner, get in touch today to find out more, or to book a free demonstration or consultation at our head office, by calling 01473 320 350 or emailing – We look forward to hearing from you.

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