6 Ways to Delay The Central Heating Argument

AES National -   6 Ways to Delay The Central Heating Argument


Every winter, each and every household experiences what we all know as ‘the central heating argument’. Is it too soon to put on the heating? Or is it too cold to be without?

But with each excruciatingly cold day, the central heating bill gets more and more expensive. Below are a few things that can help prolong the inevitable – the inevitable being the central heating of course.

One: Pesky Draughts

Search every nook and cranny for those pesky draughts that haunt every household. You can either buy inexpensive draught-proofing, or you can tape the joins in your windows for a whole lot less. Either way, you can save yourself a little money in the way of your central heating bill.

Two: Curtains!

Drawing the curtains can act as an insulation layer against the cold which creeps in through windows and helps keep in the warmth. However, if feeling a little isolated isn’t for you, maybe this next one might be a little more your style.

Three: Rugs

With hard laminated floors dominating the home décor industry, rugs are quick solution to bring an end to the icy cold layer that awaits every step. It can also help keep the heat in and stop the cold from drifting up and into your home.

Four: Layers

Putting on a thick jumper can do wonders in the cold, and for your central heating bill. If wearing layers doesn’t take off the everlasting chill, try using a hot water bottle.

Five: Boiler Servicing

Before winter hits, it’s best to ensure that your boiler is battle ready and in good shape. Getting your boiler serviced and checked is a grand way to keep your central heating efficient and in good order.

If your boiler is not a condensing boiler it may be cheaper to change than you thought – you could improve efficient use of gas from nearer 50% to nearly 90%! So, you may recoup all costs with your savings.

If your boiler isn’t working as it should be, you could be paying out far more than you need to! You need a reliable Gas Safe heating expert to service or repair your boiler. If your boiler needs servicing or repairing, call AES National on 01473 320 350, or click here to make an enquiry.

Six: Set Timings

Once your boiler is in ship-shape and been serviced, put a timer on. This way, there’s no going back and forth and no forgetting to turn it off. Also, having the central heating on while everyone’s out is pretty pointless, and expensive. Set the timer so that in the mornings just before you get up the house is warm, and just before you get home. That way you can get the most out of your boiler without paying out any unnecessary expenses.

However, if setting the timings manually on the boiler isn’t for you, there are apps which allow you to operate the timings via your mobile phone. There are even apps which learn when you’re away and when you’re home, therefore, heating the house as energy efficient as possible.

Looking to get your boiler winter ready? At AES National, we offer 100% workmanship guarantee. Get in touch with one of our many heating experts, call 01473 320 350 or email to request a quote.

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